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image for Transition Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Out Of The Military

Transition Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Out Of The Military


image for Obama Administration Delays Plan to Close Guantanamo While Searching for Domestic Alternative

Obama Administration Delays Plan to Close Guantanamo While Searching for Domestic Alternative

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image for Veterans Law Project

Veterans Law Project

Important VA Numbers and Websites

Amazon Recruiting Veterans for Distribution Centers

2033 Views | 170 Likes

VetNet: A Place for Veterans and Military Spouses to Build Civilian Careers

Warrior Transition Command Launches 'Hire a Veteran' Campaign

1625 Views | 129 Likes

From War To Work: Why And How Companies Should Hire Post-9/11 Veterans

9324 Views | 151 Likes

Media Silent As Female Veterans Battle Unemployment

2043 Views | 156 Likes

Returning Veterans Swell Ranks Of US Entrepreneurs

Planned Invictus San Diego facility would treat veterans, and later civilians, who have had amputations or traumatic brain injuries

Is The Army Doing Enough To Help Soldiers Suffering From Mental Health Problems?

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For Ex-GIs, Next Battle Is Finding Job

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Employment Bill For Veterans Caught In A Partisan Tug Of War

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The Pentagon's Quiet Take On 9/11

U.S. Starts Campaign To Prevent Suicides

Good News For Veteran Discharged Without Benefits

American Ex-Prisoners of War

Former War Commander Fighting For Funds To Combat Brain Injuries

Readjustment Issues May Spur PTSD Treatment

War Might Be Making Young Bodies Old

Military PTSD: All-Star Scientists Start Mental Health Mega-Project

Employment Help Available To Veterans

A War Veteran's Identity Crisis

Navy, US Nuclear Companies Sign Workforce Deal

2158 Views | 234 Likes

For Veterans, Finding A Job Is Biggest Challenge, Survey Finds

1563 Views | 176 Likes

Medal of Honor winner Dakota Meyer is fighting for a new cause: helping veterans find jobs back home

1438 Views | 183 Likes

Military Bonds Draw Veterans to Mental Health Jobs

1342 Views | 151 Likes

An Army Ranger's Field Guide To Networking

1400 Views | 164 Likes

Homeless veterans find help getting reconnected

1176 Views | 138 Likes

Giving a hand up, not a hand out

1270 Views | 151 Likes

Veterans Unemployment Rate Improves Again In July

1085 Views | 134 Likes

Jobs After The Army

1989 Views | 189 Likes

Hiring Heroes Act of 2011 needs your support

1295 Views | 180 Likes

Veterans Help Themselves By Helping Others

1781 Views | 116 Likes

Operation Boots to Business Program turns veterans into entrepreneurs

1287 Views | 146 Likes

U.S. to train transitioning veterans

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The American Council for Education’s GI Bill website

Army veterans start training for manufacturing jobs

1446 Views | 163 Likes

PTSD can harm families of veterans

1167 Views | 125 Likes

Veteran Discusses PTSD

1880 Views | 130 Likes

For Vets, Fireworks Can Stir Memories Of Gunfire

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As Attitudes Shift On PTSD Media Slow To Remove Stigma

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Agency Confronts Hurdles In Helping Veterans Match Military Skills To Civilian Jobs

1386 Views | 150 Likes

New systems help veterans find jobs in transportation industry

1311 Views | 137 Likes

Veterans Invited to Attend New Opportunities Workshop at Nova Southeastern University

1108 Views | 109 Likes

TotalMatch Solution to Improve Success Hiring Veterans into Private Sector Jobs

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Military veterans to get priority for police jobs under COPS grants

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image for Hero to Hired

Hero to Hired

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Companies Wrestle With Hiring Veterans

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Pentagon Must Help Jobless Vets Translate Skills: Report

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Veterans Wait Longer For Disability Evaluations

'We Pretend The Vets Don't Exist'

DoD Can Help Troops Get Civilian Credentials, Board Says

Wounded Warriors Are Fighting A New Kind Of War

Tacoma Veterans Help Family Of Soldier Accused In Afghan Killings

U.S. Army Should Embrace, Not Repress, Soldiers' Ambition

Wounded Warriors Face New Enemy: Overmedication

Vets Struggle To Go From War To Work

1,500 Veterans Hired Through New Mo. Program

VA Short Of Mental Health Specialists

OPM Chief Demands Job Safeguards For Veterans

TRICARE Debate Rages On

Hiring Our Heroes

Treating Veterans Sexual Trauma

Wal-Mart Therapy Tried By Pentagon For Traumatized Troops

For Veterans With Post-Traumatic Stress, Pain Killers Carry Risks

Murray: 285 Madigan PTSD Diagnoses Reversed

US Army Suicides Rose 80% After Start Of Iraq War: Study

Raise TRICARE Fees Or Deepen Force Cuts, Top Doc Warns

Coming Home From War To Hit The Books

image for My Next Move for Veterans (Find a Job)

My Next Move for Veterans (Find a Job)

US Vets

Serve Vets As Well As They Served Us

image for Video - Vet to Vet: Prepare Yourself for a Career with the Federal Government

Video - Vet to Vet: Prepare Yourself for a Career with the Federal Government

Transition Center (

Pentagon Wants To Raise Some Retirees Health Fees

Painful Chapter Ends For Kill Team Families

Obama Details Veterans Job Corps

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