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Scams Targeting Service Members or Veterans

Complete Disability Resource Guide Medicare Solutions

image for Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors

Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors

Veterans Law Center for Legal Assistance

Snapshot Of Our Nation's Veterans Infographic

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Marine Corps League

Important VA Numbers and Websites

Memorial Day: Honoring America's Wartime Veterans

Across U.S., Veterans Day Commemorations Under Way

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Iraq War Veteran Challenges Military On Injury Benefits

Veterans Say Late Pay From VA Cripples Their Finances

1858 Views | 131 Likes

Returning Veterans Swell Ranks Of US Entrepreneurs

Planned Invictus San Diego facility would treat veterans, and later civilians, who have had amputations or traumatic brain injuries

Shoddy Care For Veterans Becomes Campaign Issue

1923 Views | 145 Likes

VA Wrongly Sent Letters To Caregivers Warning Of Sequestration Cuts

1486 Views | 156 Likes

For Ex-GIs, Next Battle Is Finding Job

2653 Views | 239 Likes

Senate GOP Blocks Veterans Jobs Measure

2108 Views | 347 Likes

Employment Bill For Veterans Caught In A Partisan Tug Of War

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Good News For Veteran Discharged Without Benefits

Houston Lawyer Admits To Stealing $2.3M From Vets

Employment Help Available To Veterans

Former Soldiers Battle Tuition Inconsistencies At State Colleges

For-Profit Schools Taking In Millions From GI Bill

Obama To VA: Expand Mental Health Services

image for The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program

The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program

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Homeless veterans find help getting reconnected

1230 Views | 150 Likes

Veterans Unemployment Rate Improves Again In July

1150 Views | 150 Likes

Army Changes PTSD Evaluations

3239 Views | 175 Likes

Jobs After The Army

2083 Views | 208 Likes

Spots dwindling for veteran education assistance program

1167 Views | 118 Likes

Veterans Retraining Assistance Program to help unemployed veterans

1444 Views | 147 Likes

Anger Grows Over GI Bill Profiteers

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The American Legion's higher education booklet

Legislation Aims To Help Veterans Apply Job Skills

1382 Views | 158 Likes

Federal internship program helps wounded veterans find work, transition

1538 Views | 163 Likes

Homeless Rural Vets Find A Place To Call Home

1286 Views | 180 Likes

Big Dip In Unemployment Rate For Young Veterans

1346 Views | 197 Likes

As Attitudes Shift On PTSD Media Slow To Remove Stigma

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Mental-Health Experts Call For Military 'Parity'

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TotalMatch Solution to Improve Success Hiring Veterans into Private Sector Jobs

1397 Views | 165 Likes

Military veterans to get priority for police jobs under COPS grants

1271 Views | 159 Likes

High veterans' jobless rate leads to state and federal initiatives

1081 Views | 126 Likes

VA Care Extended To Camp Lejeune Water Victims

1723 Views | 118 Likes

Veterans get hope from job training

1159 Views | 152 Likes

Companies Wrestle With Hiring Veterans

1551 Views | 230 Likes

Pentagon Must Help Jobless Vets Translate Skills: Report

1114 Views | 183 Likes

VA Chief: Urgency Needed To Rescue Homeless Veterans

Taking His Doctor's Advice Could Cost A Combat Veteran His Apartment

Contaminated Water

Vets, Supporters Find Solace, Camaraderie In Rolling Thunder's Roar

Hampton VA Tapped As National Test Bed

Panetta: Care At Lovell Center 'Sacred Responsiblity'

To For-Profit Schools, Veterans Are 'Dollar Signs In Uniform'

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California: Call For Veterans Agency Fixes Is Reversed

U.S. Army Should Embrace, Not Repress, Soldiers' Ambition

Vets Struggle To Go From War To Work

Veterans' Mental-Health Care Is Delayed

Retirees In New TRICARE Fight

Pentagon Awarded Veteran-Owned Contracts To Illegitimate Firms

U.S. Sues Home Depot Over Veteran's Firing

OPM Chief Demands Job Safeguards For Veterans

TRICARE Debate Rages On

She's One Of Us

Bill Would Strengthen New GI Bill

New Bipartisan Legislation Will Preserve Post-9/11 G.I. Bill

Obama Offers Housing-Relief Programs

Raise TRICARE Fees Or Deepen Force Cuts, Top Doc Warns

image for Feds Hire Vets

Feds Hire Vets

National Call Center for Homeless Veterans

War Vets Should Get Tax Break On Foreclosures, Fed's Peach Says

House VA Panel Chairman Knocks Administration's Silence On Cuts

Video - Find and Apply for Federal Careers

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Video - Vet to Vet: What We Bring to the Federal Workforce

image for Video - Vet to Vet: Prepare Yourself for a Career with the Federal Government

Video - Vet to Vet: Prepare Yourself for a Career with the Federal Government

U.S. Seeks More Marines In Asia By Rotation: Panetta

US Department of Veterans Affairs

Obama Details Veterans Job Corps

Legal Ambiguity With Sequestration Raises Questions for Veterans Panel

Military Retirement System Overhaul Proposals

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