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image for Free Service Helping Military Veterans Get Hired

Free Service Helping Military Veterans Get Hired

Amazon Recruiting Veterans for Distribution Centers

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VetNet: A Place for Veterans and Military Spouses to Build Civilian Careers

Warrior Transition Command Launches 'Hire a Veteran' Campaign

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Veterans Say Late Pay From VA Cripples Their Finances

1776 Views | 116 Likes

Poll Shows Jobs Top Issue For Military

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Lawmaker Sees 'Leadership Void' At VA

1422 Views | 210 Likes

For Ex-GIs, Next Battle Is Finding Job

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Senate GOP Blocks Veterans Jobs Measure

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Veterans Job Corps Act dies in Senate

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Employment Bill For Veterans Caught In A Partisan Tug Of War

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Iraq, Afghanistan Vets Are Congregating Online, And VA, Veterans Groups Are Following Them

The Pentagon's Quiet Take On 9/11

Employment Help Available To Veterans

For-Profit Schools Taking In Millions From GI Bill

Navy, US Nuclear Companies Sign Workforce Deal

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For Veterans, Finding A Job Is Biggest Challenge, Survey Finds

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Medal of Honor winner Dakota Meyer is fighting for a new cause: helping veterans find jobs back home

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Military Bonds Draw Veterans to Mental Health Jobs

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Veterans' Employment and Training Service (VETS) - US Department of Labor

1736 Views | 223 Likes

Homeless veterans find help getting reconnected

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image for Hiring Our Heroes: Upcoming Hiring Fairs Map and Calendar - Hiring Fairs in Your Area

Hiring Our Heroes: Upcoming Hiring Fairs Map and Calendar - Hiring Fairs in Your Area

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Employers recruiting veterans, military personnel at Aug. 8 Career Fair

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Veterans Unemployment Rate Improves Again In July

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Hiring Our Heroes Job Fair in Utica, NY for military veterans, spouses

2821 Views | 258 Likes

Hampton job fair aimed for military veterans, spouses

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Jobs After The Army

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PRESS RELEASE: Goodyear to Hire 1,000 Veterans

1281 Views | 207 Likes

Hiring Heroes Act of 2011 needs your support

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Veterans Help Themselves By Helping Others

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Franchise Opportunities For U.S. Service Members

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Video - Hero to Hired - H2H Can Recommend a Career Path Based on Skills and Interests

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Spots dwindling for veteran education assistance program

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Operation Boots to Business Program turns veterans into entrepreneurs

1287 Views | 146 Likes

Veterans Retraining Assistance Program to help unemployed veterans

1390 Views | 137 Likes

Backlog Of VA Disability Claims Growing

1763 Views | 162 Likes

Boots to Business aims at driving entrepreneurship on military bases

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U.S. to train transitioning veterans

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Veterans find jobs at Chicago job fair

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Anger Grows Over GI Bill Profiteers

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Legislation Aims To Help Veterans Apply Job Skills

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Federal internship program helps wounded veterans find work, transition

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Rail Industry Aims To Hire 5,000 Veterans This Year

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Army veterans start training for manufacturing jobs

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Big Dip In Unemployment Rate For Young Veterans

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Austin thanks Iraq War veterans with parade, helps them with job fair

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Agency Confronts Hurdles In Helping Veterans Match Military Skills To Civilian Jobs

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WorkSource website connects veterans and employers

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Pima County to open nation’s first Veterans’ Workforce Center on July 16

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100,000 Jobs Mission in Chicago Seeks Veterans

1534 Views | 167 Likes

The UPS Store Extends 'Operation Enduring Opportunity' Commitment to Veterans

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New systems help veterans find jobs in transportation industry

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FINS: Hiring of Military Veterans May Reach 240,000 - White House

1560 Views | 226 Likes

Veterans Invited to Attend New Opportunities Workshop at Nova Southeastern University

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TotalMatch Solution to Improve Success Hiring Veterans into Private Sector Jobs

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Military veterans to get priority for police jobs under COPS grants

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image for Hero to Hired

Hero to Hired

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GI Bill To Benefit 99,000 Jobless Vets

Obama Campaign Struggles To Get Veterans' Support

To For-Profit Schools, Veterans Are 'Dollar Signs In Uniform'

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DoD Can Help Troops Get Civilian Credentials, Board Says

A Welcome-Home Gift For Veterans: Jobs

Veterans Need Jobs

Vets Struggle To Go From War To Work

Veterans Dept. Will Increase Mental Health Staffing

image for VA for Vets: Your Gateway to VA Careers

VA for Vets: Your Gateway to VA Careers

First Lady Marks 1-Year Point For Military Effort

1,500 Veterans Hired Through New Mo. Program

VA Short Of Mental Health Specialists

First Lady Seeks Jobs For Veterans

OPM Chief Demands Job Safeguards For Veterans

image for Troops To Teachers

Troops To Teachers

Hiring Our Heroes

Treating Veterans Sexual Trauma

Wal-Mart Therapy Tried By Pentagon For Traumatized Troops

Travel Industry Promises Jobs To Vets

Coming Home From War To Hit The Books

image for Feds Hire Vets

Feds Hire Vets

image for My Next Move for Veterans (Find a Job)

My Next Move for Veterans (Find a Job)

America Wants You

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Serve Vets As Well As They Served Us

House VA Panel Chairman Knocks Administration's Silence On Cuts

Video - Find and Apply for Federal Careers

2063 Views | 292 Likes

Video - Vet to Vet: What We Bring to the Federal Workforce

image for Video - Vet to Vet: Prepare Yourself for a Career with the Federal Government

Video - Vet to Vet: Prepare Yourself for a Career with the Federal Government

Transition Center (

Obama Details Veterans Job Corps

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