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image for Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors

Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors

Remembering the Tuskegee Airmen and Red Tails on Memorial Day

Important VA Numbers and Websites

Warrior Transition Command Launches 'Hire a Veteran' Campaign

1691 Views | 143 Likes

Iraq War Veteran Challenges Military On Injury Benefits

From War To Work: Why And How Companies Should Hire Post-9/11 Veterans

9409 Views | 161 Likes

The House Committee on Veterans' Affairs

2430 Views | 365 Likes

The Complicated Grief Program

1949 Views | 241 Likes

Returning Veterans Swell Ranks Of US Entrepreneurs

New Disability System Fails To Speed Claims

Prosthetic Eyes, How A Veteran’s, Custom Prosthetics Company, Makes A Difference

2028 Views | 290 Likes

A Purple Heart, A Bronze Star And Kickoff Coverage

1333 Views | 148 Likes

VA Wrongly Sent Letters To Caregivers Warning Of Sequestration Cuts

1486 Views | 156 Likes

Senate GOP Blocks Veterans Jobs Measure

2108 Views | 347 Likes

Employment Bill For Veterans Caught In A Partisan Tug Of War

2914 Views | 488 Likes

Good News For Veteran Discharged Without Benefits

Employment Help Available To Veterans

Obama To VA: Expand Mental Health Services

National Resource Center for Traumatic Brain Injury (NRCTBI)

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Navy, US Nuclear Companies Sign Workforce Deal

2313 Views | 265 Likes

HOPE4PTSDVETS.ORG: By Combat Veterans For Combat Veterans and their Families

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For Veterans, Finding A Job Is Biggest Challenge, Survey Finds

1623 Views | 195 Likes

Army Joins Veterans Affairs and Other Military Services in Standardizing PTSD Diagnosis and Treatment

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image for The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program

The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program

2239 Views | 241 Likes

Veterans' Employment and Training Service (VETS) - US Department of Labor

1813 Views | 241 Likes

Homeless veterans find help getting reconnected

1229 Views | 150 Likes

Giving a hand up, not a hand out

1332 Views | 160 Likes

VRAP: Veterans Retraining Assistance Program

1791 Views | 282 Likes

Jobs After The Army

2082 Views | 207 Likes

Video - Hero to Hired - H2H Can Recommend a Career Path Based on Skills and Interests

1930 Views | 255 Likes

Spots dwindling for veteran education assistance program

1167 Views | 118 Likes

Operation Boots to Business Program turns veterans into entrepreneurs

1339 Views | 154 Likes

Veterans Retraining Assistance Program to help unemployed veterans

1443 Views | 147 Likes

Disability Claims Effort Is Improving, VA Says

1382 Views | 149 Likes

Boots to Business aims at driving entrepreneurship on military bases

1257 Views | 132 Likes

U.S. to train transitioning veterans

1196 Views | 147 Likes

Anger Grows Over GI Bill Profiteers

1788 Views | 147 Likes

New Steps Announced To Reduce VA Claims Backlog

2075 Views | 166 Likes

Legislation Aims To Help Veterans Apply Job Skills

1381 Views | 158 Likes

Federal internship program helps wounded veterans find work, transition

1535 Views | 161 Likes

Rail Industry Aims To Hire 5,000 Veterans This Year

1373 Views | 127 Likes

Army veterans start training for manufacturing jobs

1511 Views | 176 Likes

Big Dip In Unemployment Rate For Young Veterans

1345 Views | 197 Likes

Nursing Schools Examine Efforts To Care For Veterans

1355 Views | 150 Likes

For Vets, Fireworks Can Stir Memories Of Gunfire

3406 Views | 196 Likes

Homeless Veterans No More

1326 Views | 178 Likes

Pima County to open nation’s first Veterans’ Workforce Center on July 16

1101 Views | 67 Likes

Veterans Invited to Attend New Opportunities Workshop at Nova Southeastern University

1163 Views | 120 Likes

High veterans' jobless rate leads to state and federal initiatives

1080 Views | 126 Likes

Veterans get hope from job training

1159 Views | 152 Likes

Companies Wrestle With Hiring Veterans

1550 Views | 230 Likes

GI Bill To Benefit 99,000 Jobless Vets

VA Chief: Urgency Needed To Rescue Homeless Veterans

'We Pretend The Vets Don't Exist'

From Forward Operating Base To Boardroom

DoD Can Help Troops Get Civilian Credentials, Board Says

A Welcome-Home Gift For Veterans: Jobs

U.S. Army Should Embrace, Not Repress, Soldiers' Ambition

Vets Struggle To Go From War To Work

First Lady Marks 1-Year Point For Military Effort

Retirees In New TRICARE Fight

1,500 Veterans Hired Through New Mo. Program

Hiring Our Heroes

Coming Home From War To Hit The Books

image for Feds Hire Vets

Feds Hire Vets

image for My Next Move for Veterans (Find a Job)

My Next Move for Veterans (Find a Job)

Serve Vets As Well As They Served Us

Childrens Grief Education Association (CGEA)

Pentagon Wants To Raise Some Retirees Health Fees

DoD Panel Urges New, Single Health Agency

Obama Details Veterans Job Corps

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