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1.00Making a Strong First Impression: Your Resume's Opening Statement
1.00Interview Follow-Up Etiquette: How to Leave a Lasting Impression
1.00Creating a Lasting Impression: Strategies for Effective Interview Endings
1.00Mastering Phone Interviews: Strategies for a Strong First Impression
0.56The Power of Storytelling in Interviews: Making Your Experiences Resonate
How to Share Your Military Journey in Interviews and Connect with Hiring Managers
0.19House VA Panel Chairman Knocks Administration's Silence On Cuts
0.15Jobs After The Army
0.15Employment Bill For Veterans Caught In A Partisan Tug Of War
0.15Veterans Say Late Pay From VA Cripples Their Finances
0.13Good News For Veteran Discharged Without Benefits
0.11From War To Work: Why And How Companies Should Hire Post-9/11 Veterans
0.102 Wars, 11 Years, 725 Fallen Californians
0.10Federal internship program helps wounded veterans find work, transition
0.10A Marine's Death Brings Together His Dad And His Battlefield Buddy
0.08Agency Confronts Hurdles In Helping Veterans Match Military Skills To Civilian Jobs
0.08Veterans Need Jobs
0.06Veterans Wait Longer For Disability Evaluations
0.06GOP Budget Doesn't Even Say The Word 'Veteran'
0.06For Veterans, Finding A Job Is Biggest Challenge, Survey Finds
0.06Medal of Honor winner Dakota Meyer is fighting for a new cause: helping veterans find jobs back home
0.06Number Of Veterans In Congress Rises
0.06Obama Details Veterans Job Corps
0.06Pentagon Wants To Raise Some Retirees Health Fees
0.06Bill Would Strengthen New GI Bill
0.06VA Wrongly Sent Letters To Caregivers Warning Of Sequestration Cuts
0.05Updated PTSD Program Means Better Care For Vets
0.05Veterans' Mental-Health Care Is Delayed
0.05Vets Struggle To Go From War To Work
0.05Coming Home From War To Hit The Books
0.05Murray: 285 Madigan PTSD Diagnoses Reversed
0.05Wal-Mart Therapy Tried By Pentagon For Traumatized Troops
0.04War Might Be Making Young Bodies Old
0.03Hiring Our Heroes