America Wants You

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America Wants You

AMERICA WANTS YOU is a unique private sector initiative that is teaming up with corporate America to find job opportunities for those men and women who have served in our Country's military. It is an idea inspired by an ABC News series titled "Made in America" which brought to the attention of the American People the need to support American-Made products to help stimulate the creation of jobs here in this country.

The unemployment rate in America is a continuing problem, but what's even more troubling is the unemployment rate of our Military Veterans. According The Bureau of Labor Statistics, American Veterans in need of career opportunities is over 800,000 and growing at an alarming pace.

The fact that these brave men and women who have defended our country, its freedom and our way of life are returning home with few, if any, opportunities to provide for their families, is unacceptable.

So we're calling on companies, large and small, to join together to pledge jobs for these Veterans in need. To help Fathers, Mothers, Sons and Daughters who now need us to fight for them. We'll be knocking on every corner office door in America and asking them to enlist in our effort, and we'll ask individual citizens to raise their hands in support of this cause.

Because when America wanted them to leave their families, to face indescribable danger, to make unimaginable sacrifices, they were there.

Now America Wants You. The question is, will you be there for them?

America Wants You

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