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Hiring Heroes Act of 2011 needs your support

Hiring Heroes Act of 2011 needs your support

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Many families of military veterans face the fear of not finding employment once discharged from military obligation. Military veterans experience the highest unemployment rate in the United States. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2011), the unemployment rate for nonveterans is 8.3 percent. For the approximately 2.4 million men and women who have served on active duty since 2001 and are no longer active-duty, the unemployment rate holds at 29.1 percent.


Military veterans who have sacrificed their time and risked their lives to provide safety and security for their country have discovered how difficult transitioning back into civilian life can be, thanks to a bleak job market. Additionally, up to 26 percent of Gulf War Era (service since 2001) veterans returned home with service-connected disabilities, compared with approximately 14 percent of the nation’s veterans who served in previous eras (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2011).

With statistics such as these, there is clear cause for concern and a need for immediate action to ameliorate this situation


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